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These articles represent an attempt to define and explain some political and economic trends that have occurred over the last thirty years and accelerated in the first years of the 21st century. They are writings by academics, economists, journalists, and myself concerning media, the environment, war, law, and a tendency toward corporatism. They explore whether these trends have become irreversibly accepted and institutionalized.

Paul Krugman, recipient of 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics

Naomi Klein - four articles on economics, war and disaster

Four by me - economics, money, the corporatocracy, and Orwell

More by me - Memory, Dreams, Shakespeare, Jung, and archetypes

Health care proposals and debates:

Principles of Health Care Reform

The Logic of the Health Care Debate

Structuring Health Insurance - Quality, Cost & Risk Assessments

Commentaries articulating political trends:

Barry Beck - The Corporatocracy

Naomi Wolf - The End of America

The Influence of Conservative Think Tanks

Bradley - Conservatives after 1964

The Project for a New American Century

Faith-based verses reality-based judgments:

Suskind - reality vs. faith-based thinking - Without a Doubt

Hari - Republicans, Religion and the Triumph of Unreason

Blumenthal - Republican Gomorrah

Distortions of language for manipulation:

Barry Beck - Orwell Today

Leo Strauss and the Noble Lie

George Lakoff - Don't Think of an Elephant (first chapter)

George Lakoff - Thinking Points (first and second chapters)

Noam Chomsky - Rulers & the ruled: Dangerous disconnect

Harold Pinter - Art, Truth, and Politics

Why the Media Can Legally Lie


J. M. Keynes explained by Paul Krugman

J. M. Keynes explained by Paul Krugman (more simplified)

J. M. Keynes - Economic Possibilities

Modern relevance of Keynes

Paul Krugman - False arguments against economic action

Paul Krugman - Trade and Wages

Paul Krugman - Microeconomics

Paul Krugman - Thirty Year Economic Decline

Naomi Klein - the first year of Iraqi occupation

Naomi Klein - the rise of Disaster Capitalism

Naomi Klein - the Wall Street Crisis

Naomi Klein - Alan Greenspan debate

Principles of Macroeconomics

New Keynesian Macroeconomics

Macroeconomics Review

Ten Trillion Dollars - the price for eight years

Barry Beck - Discourse on Money, Finance, and Investment

Barry Beck - Thoughts on Economic Theories

Barry Beck - The Corporatocracy

Barry Beck - Orwell Today

Natasha Roccaforte on Ehrenreich's Nickel and Dimed

Barbara Ehrenreich articles

David C. Korten - When Corporations Rule

Noam Chomsky - Notes on NAFTA and Adam Smith

Elizabeth Warren - Bailout Watchdog

Elizabeth Warren - The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Amartya Sen - Adam Smith's market never stood alone

Kevin Phillips - Bad Money

Warren Buffett - Trade Deficit - Squanderville vs. Thriftville

William Greider - Bailout of Wall Street

Bailout Analysis - Advantages, Disadvantages, Alternatives

New Trade Theory

Douglas K. Foley - Notes on the
Theoretical Foundations of Political Economy

Ha-Joon Chang - Bad Samaritans:
The Myth of Free Trade & the Secret History of Capitalism

Thirty Year Economic Recession

Primer on Subprime Mortgages

The Economics of QWERTY

Complexity Economics

Federal Reserve Board Policy and Business Activity


Barry Beck - A Jungian Analysis of Shakespeare's Tempest

Barry Beck - Ancient Archetypes and
Modern Manifestations

Barry Beck - The Art and Science of Memory

Barry Beck - Implications of Cyberspace on Our Collective Reality

Barry Beck - Computer Technology and Terminology

Barry Beck - Carl Jung and The Undiscovered Self

Barry Beck - Lucid Dreaming

Doctor Faustus - Thomas Mann

Dream Story (Traumnovelle) - Arthur Schnitzler

Country of the Blind - H. G. Wells

Bertrand Russell - The Problems of Philosophy

Plato in the Light of Yoga

Noam Chomsky - Language and Mind

Naomi Klein - No Logo - The Triumph of Identity Marketing

John Maynard Keynes - Pure Induction

Earliest Photograph of a Person - 1838





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