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I was born in Atlanta, grew up in New York, and studied History and Secondary Education at Hofstra University graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After serving in the U.S. Navy, I moved to California and worked at the San Francisco Examiner as a Sports Promotion Supervisor and then at Charles Schwab & Co as a Database Analyst and Systems Engineer during the 1980s.

From 1991-1997, I managed personal portfolios and prepared investment and financial strategies for associates. I also researched and developed test scripts for brokerage web site analysis. During this period, I attended classes at Oxford University and Edinburgh University and traveled throughout Europe, China, Japan, and Australia. Since 1997, I have been freelancing and contracting as a Technical Writer and as a Web Site Designer & Producer working with both small businesses and corporate entities at technical, medical, insurance, education, and financial firms. If you are interested in contacting me, I would be happy to give you more comprehensive information about any of the work on this site. Please email me with your questions or comments.


Further information

I have worked on database and programming applications and data storage preparation and planning. But I always preferred writing, and describing and teaching people how complex things worked more than I enjoyed developing programs and applications. So I write about the way things work and events happen (technical writing.) It can be about finance if it is for a bank or brokerage, telephones and computers if it is for a telecommunications company, medical procedures for a medical center, writing to receive grants if for an education system, and on philosophical and literary subjects for myself. This can be in various media or technical formats. So I have proficiency in preparing technical manuals and in developing and writing for web sites. This requires expertise in software and planning and accuracy in facts and information. As every company uses different technology and guidelines, I have the ability to learn, work with, and explain complex subjects quickly.


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